WARNING - Light is on, what do you do?

A light on the dash that doesn't say - washer fluid is low immediately panics you right?  It can happen when you don't keep up with standard maintenance and with older vehicles you see it due to the age of the vehicle, however here at City Auto Repair in Gainesville we like to keep you driving happy and listening to your favorite songs or talking to friends and family worry-free!  Here are some quick tips and hard lines in the sand that you do not need to ignore.

FIRST TIP:  Do not ignore a warning light.  However, first line of defense is to stop the vehicle as soon as it is safe and then turn the engine off - wait a few minutes then turn it back on.  If the light is still there - get your manual out to see what the light means (or Google it).

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Hot Car - Suggestions to Cool it Down

We all love the sunshine but getting into that HOT car isn't always so wonderful even when you have remote start it will take the breathe out of you when the temperatures are soaring.  Makes you want to pack your lunch instead of meeting friends for lunch!  We decided that you should meet friends for lunch!   So we got together and found some quick ideas for you.  It isn't much but enjoy the sunshine on us here at City Auto Repair here in Gainesville!  Call it our fun day fact! 

Easiest Fix By Far......Sunshade.  Buy one for the front window and they how have them available for the sides and back windows!  It reflects the sun's rays away from the interior of your car or truck keeping the heat level down and bonus feature is that it will help keep your interior looking great longer so you will stay in love with your car or truck longer "plus" it is easy to pack away in seconds out of sight!

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SPONSORING 2nd Annual Volunteers for America Golf Tournament

We are proud to be a sponsor for the 2nd annual Volunteers for America Florida Golf Tournament scheduled for 9/23/17 with proceeds going to assist Veterans and their families.  Funds will be used for our Veterans to gain/regain housing stability, provide Case Management and provide temporary financial assistance.  You can purchase tickets for $50 for the tournament which will be hosted at Ironwood Golf Course located at 2100 NE 39th Avenue here in Gainesville Florida or talk to us about sponsoring a hole here at the shop!  It is a wonderful program to get involved with or to sign up for a great day of golf for a cause near and dear to our hearts here at City Auto Repair. 

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City Auto is great!

City Auto is great! Rachel and her team are friendly and easy to work with. They take the time to explain what work is needed and how much it would cost. I would recommend City auto to anyone. - Leanna M.

City Auto Repair is the BEST!

City Auto Repair is the BEST!!! So happy with the work I receive on my car but most importantly the HONESTY they provide. I went in for a simple oil change and alignment both the owner Rachael and her awesome manager Dan were like why do you need an alignment? Are you sure? My car is brand new that is why they were shocked I needed an alignment. I said yes, something isn't right and I hear a sound like a thump when I turn my steering wheel...so long story short they not only did my oil change, align my car but also tightened my tire rod bolt that had come loose!!! They said that is quite dangerous. No more sound and the alignment was indeed needed because of that. They are AWESOME! And they didn't even charge me for going the extra mile. I highly recommend Rachael & her team to everyone in town! Thank you guys so much. - Maria W.

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