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City Auto Repair is wonderful and I wish I could have taken them with me when I moved away from Gainesville. The manager is very knowledgable and friendly. This shop will not try to sell you something you don't need. They will fix your vehicle and do everything they can to make the experience easy on you. The owner is very caring and communicates with you personally via text to help you as much as possible. I was even offered a free oil change on my next visit the first time I had service here. Hands down the best place to take your vehicle! Wonderful! - Daniel H. (5 star review on Google)

What did they hit? Does it pull a little to the left?

tire with bent rim

Simple service visits can discover all kinds of things you would think are obvious but we simply get in and drive!  If the lights come on and the car starts....No Problem.  Then we see things like this here at City Auto Repair in Gainesville  and we have to ask...When did you hit something and WHAT was it.  The typical answer is WHAT???  They've already forgotten the incident an don't realize that a bent rim could case all kinds of problems.   Then we ask...Does it pull a little when you are driving? 

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No A/C? I wonder why?

Plugged up evaporator

No Cold Air?   This looks like a really clogged up home A/C filter right?  It's an evaporator that on a vehicle is meant to allow air to flow through it and cool down your vehicle's A/C unit allowing it to work properly.  This, however, is a seriously plugged up evaporator with very little air flow coming through!   The A/C Evaporator did not get this way overnight, providing warning signals along the way such as the car wasn't cooling enough.

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Thanks, City Auto Repair.

Amazing service! I’ve tried five different auto service shops around town. All my cars are older and I need an honest and competent shop. Never been treated better and at a price where I don’t have to sell the car to pay my bill. Thanks, City Auto. - Donald B. (recommended on Facebook)

Great to deal with.

Great to deal with. Very comfortable. Thought my truck was having trans problems, found out it was a coil. Much nicer turn out. - Jim H. (5 star review on Google)

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City Auto Repair

4488 NW 6th St
Gainesville, FL 32609

location small (352) 377-0383
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