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Mike Lennox
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Have a daughter living in Gainesville, while driving on I 75 her front wheel fell off. Since I live in Orlando I was not much help to her. I looked up and found City Automotive, so I called. To my surprise a guy named Dan answered. He was very knowledgeable, I trusted him almost right away, and I trust no one.... He had her car repaired at a reasonable price and made me feel like part of the family. When in Gainesville they will be my mechanic. I highly recommend Dan and the entire crew.


Your drive belts are simple but integral components to the function of your car, truck, or SUV. At City Auto Repair in Gainesville, belts are one of the first things we assess when looking over a vehicle, as they alone are in charge of operating your AC, water pump, alternator, and power steering.

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Do you drive a 4X4 truck or SUV? At City Auto Repair in Gainesville, our technicians know exactly what your four-wheel drive vehicle needs, to stay reliable both on and off the road.

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Modern cars are becoming increasingly complex, and as a result, computer diagnostic systems are becoming a necessity rather than a convenience. At City Auto Repair in Gainesville, our state of the art technology and trained technicians are ready to diagnose any issue you may be experiencing with your car, truck, or SUV.

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Superior customer service!

City Auto Repair is one of those long time family businesses that have stayed around because of  their commitment to superior customer service, acute awareness in delivering value and doing the right thing when things don't go as planned. Being a long time veteran of the industry I believe I can offer some insight as to why City Auto should be a first choice for automotive repair and maintenance. If you're happy with the shop you do business with, by all means, stick with them! City Auto offers value in many ways, they have maintenance programs with free warranties if you service your vehicle according to schedules and their warranties on repair services are twice as long as the independent shops typically offer. The rates are extremely competitive especially considering how experienced the techs, advisors and the owner are. It also says a lot when a shop retains technicians as long as City does! Rachael, the owner, demands nothing short of excellence from the people who work there which is a bit easier when you already have some of the best around. - Bruce B. (5 star review on Yelp)

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