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At What Temperature Does Diesel Freeze?


At City Auto Repair in Gainesville, FL, we like to provide information that is either useful or interesting. In the case of the freezing point of gasoline, it’s more of a fun fact than trivia – gas freezes at -40 to -200 degrees. In regard to diesel fuel, however, the answer drifts solidly into the realm of useful information.

For starters, diesel doesn’t really freeze. It can, but only at some ridiculously low temperature that is hardly important. However, diesel does gel and coagulate, and at relatively high temperatures. In fact, at about 34 degrees, you begin to see the start of the process…fuel in the tank starts to get cloudy. By 10 or 15 degrees, the issue takes a turn for the worse – gelling occurs, which can block up filters, lines, and fuel rails. The diesel fuel begins to enter a state of solidification that no longer allows it to move freely through the system; best case scenario, your truck will accelerate or run poorly for a bit before it clears up. At worst, your engine may fail to start altogether. As extremely cold weather grips parts of the nation there’s a good chance you’ll either be subjected to or driving through temperatures cold enough to cause issues.

Fortunately, there are a number of preventative things you can do to keep yourself out of this situation. Block heaters are a good start, be sure to plug them up on cold nights. However, this doesn’t necessarily protect the fuel in the tank or in the lines. Many truckers will mix #1 and #2 diesel fuel, as #1 has kerosene in it. Kerosene significantly lowers the gel point of diesel fuel. There are also several additives you can get to make sure your fuel stays in its useful, trouble free liquid state. If possible, keep the truck garaged where it’ll be less exposed to the elements. If all else fails, the filter can be cleaned, and the truck warmed up in a shop to get it back on the road.

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