Highly Recommend

Mike Lennox
Customer Review
Have a daughter living in Gainesville, while driving on I 75 her front wheel fell off. Since I live in Orlando I was not much help to her. I looked up and found City Automotive, so I called. To my surprise a guy named Dan answered. He was very knowledgeable, I trusted him almost right away, and I trust no one.... He had her car repaired at a reasonable price and made me feel like part of the family. When in Gainesville they will be my mechanic. I highly recommend Dan and the entire crew.

Superior customer service!

City Auto Repair is one of those long time family businesses that have stayed around because of  their commitment to superior customer service, acute awareness in delivering value and doing the right thing when things don't go as planned. Being a long time veteran of the industry I believe I can offer some insight as to why City Auto should be a first choice for automotive repair and maintenance. If you're happy with the shop you do business with, by all means, stick with them! City Auto offers value in many ways, they have maintenance programs with free warranties if you service your vehicle according to schedules and their warranties on repair services are twice as long as the independent shops typically offer. The rates are extremely competitive especially considering how experienced the techs, advisors and the owner are. It also says a lot when a shop retains technicians as long as City does! Rachael, the owner, demands nothing short of excellence from the people who work there which is a bit easier when you already have some of the best around. - Bruce B. (5 star review on Yelp)

Thanks, City Auto Repair!

I have a 2004 Buick Rendezvous, and it was overheating on me. Thanks to some Google research and trial and error, I thought that it was probably my water pump. I called City Auto Repair and asked how much it would run me to get it replaced. They informed me that I would likely have to wait for the part to come in, but I was okay with that. On Friday afternoon, however, I got a call telling me my car was ready to pick up. When I picked her up, they let me know what they did (replacing a bolt they noticed was missing, adding coolant for good measure, etc.). They also told me what other repairs they recommend getting soon. The price I was estimated over the phone was spot on, and the guys up front were still super friendly. My Rendezvous is running ten million times better, and I’m just so impressed with how quick, friendly, helpful, and inexpensive City Auto Repair was. I’ll be bringing all my vehicles back to them for future tune-ups and repairs! Thank you! - Brittney H. (5 star review on Facebook)

Very Thankful

Christian Weiss
Customer Review
We have been taking our Nissan truck and Toyota Corolla here for some time, always with good service results. Recently I brought in the Toyota for an oil change and was escorted to the bay area where the car was on a lift. Dan, the manager, proceeded to show me that all four tires had dry rot with one tire having split. This was a total shock because we had purchased what we thought were new tires from the local Goodyear store just a year ago March 2017. Dan showed me the manufacture date stamped on the tires....three were from 2014 and the one with the split was dated 2013. We could have possibly experienced a car crash had this not been brought to our attention. Needless to say we took the car back to Goodyear and insisted that they be replaced by actual new tires! I’m very thankful for City Auto’s attention to detail.
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