City Auto Repair is the BEST!

City Auto Repair is the BEST!!! So happy with the work I receive on my car but most importantly the HONESTY they provide. I went in for a simple oil change and alignment both the owner Rachael and her awesome manager Dan were like why do you need an alignment? Are you sure? My car is brand new that is why they were shocked I needed an alignment. I said yes, something isn't right and I hear a sound like a thump when I turn my steering long story short they not only did my oil change, align my car but also tightened my tire rod bolt that had come loose!!! They said that is quite dangerous. No more sound and the alignment was indeed needed because of that. They are AWESOME! And they didn't even charge me for going the extra mile. I highly recommend Rachael & her team to everyone in town! Thank you guys so much. - Maria W.

They are very kind and make every effort to schedule appointments at your convenience.

Recently moved to Florida. My lucky day was being referred to City Auto Repair for care of my Tucson. Dan and Rachael are the face of the shop. They are very kind and make every effort to schedule appointments at my convenience and will work hard to keep costs affordable. The mechanics are great! Owner Rachael has updated the environment so wait time is comfortable for customers. If you're looking for a shop to give your vehicle a little TLC, I recommend City Auto Repair! - Susan J.

Reliable, Dependable & Female Friendly. Thank You!

Service on my Oldsmobile Van.  City Auto Repair was recommended to me several years ago for reliable and dependable service.

As a female customer who is not ‘auto savvy’ or knowledgeable, I know I will never be taken advantage of for my lack of ‘auto knowledge’ at City Auto Repair.  Your technicians are courteous, explaining what needs to be done to correct what ails my vehicle, always providing good ‘Customer Care Service’ at a fair service fee.  I am grateful my NAPA parts owner/dealer cousin recommended City Auto Repair to me.

Thanks Roz M, Gainesville

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