what we do

The goal of our Car Care Clinics is to provide our community with the knowledge of how to take care of and maintain their vehicles. We host these events for any size of a group and teach on a variety of important topics such as oil changes, flat tires, and more. We aim to empower and educate our community about car care, and to remove the anxiety of what to do when challenges arise.

making a lasting impact

“After attending one of Rachael’s Car Care Clinics, I was so inspired and motivated about finally understanding how to change a flat tire. It felt incredible to learn in an environment that wasn’t judgmental, but was helpful and moving.”

Lipstick & Dipsticks

One of Rachael’s personal missions is to empower women to feel more confident in taking care of their vehicles. She accomplishes this by hosting Car Care Clinics geared towards female audiences. During these clinics she’s able to take a different approach and really focus on the challenges women face while taking care of their vehicles. This creates a judgement free zone that women can ask questions and learn without the fear of being judged or criticized. Through this mission, Rachael accomplished her vision of filling the roads with women who are empowered to handle anything the journey throws at them.


come join us

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