When your car starts creating odd smells, sounds, or feelings, start investigating the issues sooner than later. Allowing these problems to persist will only lead to worsening conditions and more expensive repair costs. This is why running diagnostic tests on vehicles is critical.

The warning lights on your dash can often be confusing with misleading symbols accompanied by a car manual full of extra information and technical jargon. However, our mechanics can help teach you to understand what these warning lights mean. In order to find the specific issue at hand quickly without increasing the labor costs and time that other repair shops may add to your bill, our mechanics will run a diagnostic test to pinpoint the critical issues in your car that needs repair. 

Engine Repair - Picture of a car's dashboard display illuminated during nighttime driving conditions.

Signs that Your Vehicle Needs a Diagnostic Test

Aside from the dashboard lights, there are many cases in which a diagnostic test may help hurry your repair services along and provide you peace of mind sooner. If you notice any of the following, a diagnostic test may be the best next step:

  • Odd noises that you can’t pinpoint to a specific system or problem
  • Smoke coming from under the hood of your vehicle
  • Heavy smoke coming from the exhaust, especially if accompanied by a burning smell
  • Major leaks pooling underneath your car (note that during the warmer months, running the air conditioning will produce a sizable leak underneath the passenger side of your vehicle; this is normal)
  • Any engine or electric problems

By having a diagnostic test, our mechanics will be able to find the specific sensor, converter, coil, shaft, or other individual parts for a cost-effective repair. Our team has spent decades translating complicated codes from diagnostic system checks into effective solutions. When you don’t understand what’s causing trouble under the hood of your vehicle, our mechanics can guide you through troubleshooting to trusted repairs.

Diagnostic Tests with City Auto Repair in Gainesville, FL

There’s a world of complex, intricate engineering powering your vehicle. With decades of experience studying and repairing vehicles in Gainesville, FL, our mechanics will have you back on the road safely and quickly, equipped with a deeper understanding of your car’s warning system through thorough diagnostic tests.