Put Safety First & Don’t Delay Brake Services

The Gainesville, Florida climate is tough on cars, and with the often rainy weather, why take the risk of your brakes not working when you need them? Don’t delay if you notice any signs that your brakes may be faltering. It’s always better to be safe while on the road. Fortunately, there are some key warning signs that you can notice while driving that indicate when your brakes need to be serviced. If you notice any of the following, we recommend that you schedule brake services for your vehicle.

    • Longer stopping distances
    • The vehicle pulls to one side while braking
    • Low or leaking brake fluid
    • Excessive brake pedal travel
    • A soft or spongy feeling when you press the brake pedal
    • Pulsation or vibration while braking
    • One or more wheels locking up while braking
    • Loud noises or squealing while braking
    • The brake warning light on your dashboard is illuminated

    Having your brakes serviced sooner rather than later is always the best choice. While brakes are built for endurance, having one part wear out exposes the others to more damage. This leads to more extensive repairs and costs. 

    Alignment - Man fixing axels on a car. The brakes are also visible.

    How to Help Your Brakes Last Longer

    Changing your driving habits can help keep you from needing frequent brake repairs while also helping you stay safer on the road. Some of the most common bad driving habits are also some of the most damaging practices for your brakes. Here are some tips to keep your brakes lasting longer.

      • Do not ride your brakes. This is one of the most damaging habits for your brakes. The extra heat will wear down your brake pads and can deform your rotors.
      • Try to limit your stop-and-go driving. This constant braking strains your brakes and wears the parts out much faster. Try finding somewhat smoother commutes wherever possible, even if it adds a few extra minutes to your travel time.
      • Empty your trunk of any heavy loads. This added weight is taking a toll on your entire vehicle, not just your brakes. Don’t leave heavy loads in your trunk any longer than you need to transport them.
      • Stop traveling too close to the vehicle in front of you. Tailgating requires faster braking than if you were to drive a safe distance from the vehicles ahead. 
      • Drive defensively, not aggressively. By driving aggressively, you’re far more likely to need last-second braking. This damages your brakes while also making it far less likely that your brakes will hold out for emergency braking when you need it next.

      Beginning to drive conscientiously about your vehicle’s health can also make you a better, safer driver. No bad driving habit is worth risking your roadway safety.

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