Why Brake Maintenance Is Crucial to Your Car

As much as you need to be able to drive your vehicle, it’s just as important to be able to stop. Brakes are an essential safety mechanism of a car, allowing it to slow and stop as needed. Neglecting brake maintenance can have severe consequences— jeopardizing not only your own well-being but also your passengers and fellow motorists. Find out exactly why brake maintenance is necessary and how you can adequately care for your brakes by reading on.

The Purpose of Brake Maintenance

Improved safety

If you aren’t taking care of your brakes, your car isn’t the safest it could be. Every time you drive, you are putting your safety into the hands of your brakes. Uncared for or worse- nonfunctional brakes put you in a very dangerous position. Proper care allows you to protect yourself and know that your brakes are both reliable and safe.

Extending the lifetime of your brakes

Increased longevity will save you the money, time, and stress of being stuck without a vehicle for frequent repairs. A properly maintained set of brakes has the potential to last 70,000 miles, but without the appropriate upkeep, they can decline to the point of failure at only 25,000 miles. Fewer brake replacements mean reduced costs and less time without your car.

Higher gas mileage

Driving tests have shown that putting more pressure on your brakes can increase fuel consumption by up to 40%. Worn-down brake petals increase how hard you need to press the brakes in order to stop your vehicle. Ensuring your brakes are well maintained can significantly reduce your gas costs.

Brake Care Tips

So how do you make sure that your brakes are functioning properly? We’ve put together a list of the key practices that will keep your brakes in the best condition possible.


  • Inspect brake pads and rotors
  • Flush your brake fluid
  • Replace worn-out parts

Things to avoid

  • Overloading weight
  • Driving in severe rain
  • Late or heavy braking

Put Safety First with City Auto Repair

When you come to City Auto Repair with a problem, we make sure that your vehicle is safe and that you can get back on the road quickly. Our experienced team walks you through the entire process and addresses both current and future issues you may face.

Don’t delay brake services and put your safety and your vehicle at risk. Give our team a call to schedule a maintenance appointment today.