With the scorching heat of Gainesville, Florida’s summertime, and the volatility of every season, it’s crucial to have dependable air conditioning (AC) and heating. You want to ensure that your commute to work doesn’t end in a pool of sweat. Preventative maintenance of your car heating and air system will ensure that your commutes are always comfortable. and that your road trips are always on par.

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Maintaining Your Car’s Heating & Cooling System

Just as your home’s HVAC unit requires preventative maintenance, your vehicle’s heating and cooling system do too. If you notice any signs that your car’s system may be beginning to decline, it’s always better to be proactive. A few key signs that your car’s heating and AC cooling system is in need of maintenance include the following.

    • You find that your car isn’t blowing the conditioned air as forcefully as it used to
    • The air isn’t getting as cool or warm as it used to
    • You hear strange noises coming from your vehicle when you turn on the air
    • There’s an unpleasant or strange odor coming from the air vents

    However, when unexpected issues arise, City Auto Repair’s experienced service technicians are here to offer trusted diagnostics and effective solutions. We offer a variety of services to ensure that your car’s heating and air conditioning will keep you comfortable all year round.

      • Fluid and refrigerant refills
      • Performance tests and diagnostic inspections
      • Radiator, water pump, condenser, compressor, evaporator, accumulator, filter, and thermostat replacements

      Stay Comfortable with City Auto Repair’s Car Heating and Air Services in Gainesville, FL

      Don’t get stuck without air conditioning and heating. Properly maintaining your vehicle’s heating and cooling system will ensure that you don’t experience any unexpected issues. When your air system begins to falter, our mechanics will quickly troubleshoot the problem and provide you with quality service. We’ll do what’s necessary to make sure that the system keeps functioning properly long after you drive away. 

      Therefore, whether you’re in need of preventative maintenance or necessary repair, our service technicians have you covered! We’ll make sure that your car’s heating and cooling systems are running optimally.

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