Rough roads can be your wheels’ biggest problem. If you’re frequently driving down roads that aren’t paved or maintained well, then your steering and alignment could be suffering. Hitting curbs or driving over large potholes can cause much more damage than your spilled coffee. 

Steering & Alignment Ensure Better Vehicle Performance

When your car comes off the assembly line from the manufacturer, it is preset with specific wheel alignments and steering settings that will allow the vehicle to drive optimally and have the best longevity for the parts. However, as you begin to drive, the steering and alignment naturally begin to slip out of this position, causing:

  • Increased and uneven tread wear on the tires
  • Frequent tire replacements
  • Poor vehicle handling
  • Difficulty driving in a straight line

Our mechanics are equipped with the expertise and technology to evaluate your vehicle and adjust the steering and alignment as precisely as possible to match the manufacturer’s original settings.

How to Know When You Need a Steering & Alignment Service

When you’re driving and begin to notice that your vehicle is pulling to one side of the road or that your steering wheel doesn’t seem to be centered when driving straight, you should come in to have your steering and alignment corrected. 

We recommend that you have your vehicle’s steering and alignment checked and adjusted regularly every 6,000 miles. 

There isn’t a warning light for steering and alignment issues. Regular checkups are your best defense against the downstream problems and repair expenses caused by unresolved issues with these components. 

Drive Smarter with City Auto Repair

Tire replacements can be costly, and dealing with a flat tire is probably one of the last ways you’d like to be spending your day. While tires can be an unexpected burden on your wallet, steering and alignment services are affordable and dependable. 

Our team has the tools to determine which steering and alignment settings will work best for your vehicle and have the decades of experience necessary to help you defend against costly repairs. Book your appointment today if you’re experiencing any signs indicative of steering and alignment issues or schedule our services as an add-on to your next oil change