Car Air Conditioning Not Working? What You Need to Know about Car AC Repair

The Importance of Your Car’s AC!

Living in the Sunshine State is great! We get sunshine all year round and never have to worry about shoveling snow off of our driveways. However, with this sunny weather comes some big cons. Due to the extreme heat of this state, we’re always hot, and most times, even sweaty. The only solution that can keep us sane is feeling the nice, cool air of our AC. Even in a five minute car ride, we need to have the AC on full blast, especially during the summer months. So it’s incredibly important to make sure your car’s air conditioning is always in top-notch condition!

If you are worried about your car’s AC not working, here are some of the telltale signs that you might be right and that it could be time for a car AC repair. 

Signs of AC Car Trouble

Is there a weird smell anytime you turn your car’s AC on? Is the AC not cooling your car properly, or perhaps making a strange sound? Worst of all, is your AC leaking? These are some of the more common issues that people experience when their car’s AC is on the fritz. If you were able to relate to at least one of the things on this list, then it’s time for you to get your car’s AC checked out. 

There are a number of reasons as to why your car’s air conditioning isn’t working like it used to, such as cabin air filter issues, refrigerant leaks, broken fans, or a blocked condenser. Now, these might seem like very serious and even detrimental issues, but that’s not always the case. While these issues should be taken seriously, it’s nothing your local car repair shop can’t fix. 

Cabin Air Filter Issues 

A cabin air filter issue could mean that it’s clogged with debris and dust, affecting the quality of the air that comes out of the AC. This should be addressed as quickly as possible—if it’s not, it can be very dangerous for your health and safety. Not regularly cleaning your car’s AC filter can lead to allergens and bacteria circulating around your car’s cabin, which can cause avoidable health issues. 

If that’s not enough to convince you, another consequence of not changing your car’s AC filter is that it can inhibit your car’s HVAC system from defogging your windshield, which can increase the risk of an accident due to reduced sight. 

Refrigerant Leaks 

The next big reason why a car’s AC no longer functions properly is a refrigerant leak. Your car’s compressor compresses the refrigerant, causing it to turn into a gas. This gas is cooled to a liquid state in the compressor and travels to the expansion valve. As the liquid refrigerant goes through the expansion valve, it rapidly cools in the evaporator. The fan in your car then blows over the evaporator and cools the air that blows out of your vents. A leak may be caused if the coils (the part that allows the fluid to circulate) are punctured, causing the refrigerant to leak through and affecting the temperature of the air. 

If you suspect a refrigerant leak, there are some things to look for, such as an unpleasant smell coming from the AC vents or a strange hissing sound. These are usually major signs that something isn’t right with your refrigerant. Leaving this untreated is dangerous for your health—it can cause detrimental health complications, such as respiratory diseases, and most extreme, loss of consciousness. 

Broken Condenser 

Lastly, the third reason for car AC troubles could be due to a broken condenser. The car air conditioning condenser is a heat exchanger that converts the refrigerant from a gas to a liquid state and is always located in front of the radiator. The condenser is crucial to ensuring your car can properly cool down the air that is circulating through the cabin. 

Without a working condenser, the car’s HVAC system wouldn’t be able to cool down the air, which could result in warm, or even hot, air being blown. If the condenser is broken, it can negatively impact an HVAC system, disrupting the system’s ability to produce cool air. Loud noises, reduced cooling, and refrigerant leaks are all clear indications that your condenser may not be functioning as it should be. 

Should I Replace My Car’s AC or Get It Repaired?

So now after reading all of this, you must be wondering, is it really worth the hassle to get my car’s AC repaired? Why not just replace it? Well, we’re here to tell you that it is worth it. If you’re experiencing any of the issues above, then chances are that your car’s AC is still salvageable and can easily be repaired by a team of experts—if not, a knowledgeable and honest car mechanic will let you know that it’s time for an AC replacement.

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