Must-Have Car Accessories for Your Busy Life

On average, Americans spend 18 days in their cars annually in total driving time. Yes, you read that number right, and that number is too high to spend those days in a messy, unorganized, vehicle that adds to the stress of your already busy life. Fortunately, there are now many practical car accessories available for your vehicle to make your life easier and your ride more enjoyable. Here we outline just a few.  


Car Hooks

If you have ever taken a corner going faster than 5 mph, you know the dread you hear when your bag or purse topples over, spilling its contents across your back floorboard. Car accessories like hooks that clamp onto your front seat headrests, solve this problem and make it so you can hang bags, dry-cleaned clothes, coats, shopping bags, or umbrellas easily to prevent spillage and backseat clutter. 

Trunk Organizer

Trunk organizers have so many purposes. With these car accessories, you can store shopping bags in them to make it possible to carry more bags into the house, or you can use them to keep snacks and activities for your younger passengers to enjoy on longer trips. In our warmer Florida months, you can even keep a beach bag packed with sunscreen, towels, bathing suits, and sand toys, so you are always ready to head to St. Augustine. 


Trashcan and Vacuum

If you spend any time in your car and especially if you chauffeur children, car trash is an inevitable byproduct. No matter how big your vehicle is, there is a trash can that will work for your needs. They can either hook onto the rear of the front seats, sit on a floorboard, or attach to your center console. 


Picture of a half-eaten sandwich in aluminum foil wrapper on the dash of a car.

Now, on to things the trashcan misses. Many family vehicles now come with car accessories like vacuums, but a handheld vacuum is necessary if yours does not. You naturally track dirt, sand, debris, and food particles on the bottom of your shoes or drop them as you ride in the car. A handheld vacuum can quickly and efficiently clean your floorboards and car’s interior to keep your car clean and tidy. 

Pet Bench Car Seat Cover

If you regularly drive around your four-legged friends, a pet bench car seat cover can protect your seats from scratches, dirt, and hard-to-remove fur, not to mention pet smells. 


Phone Holder

It’s unsafe to text while driving, and now there are laws prohibiting phone use while a vehicle is in motion. But, we continue to rely on our phones for navigation or entertainment purposes, so hands-free operation is a must. There are many options available for various phone screen sizes and Bluetooth and charging capabilities and can be mounted on your dashboard or clipped to a vent.  

Image of a car accessory. Namely, a cell phone in a car cell phone holder attached to a windshield.

Car Escape Tool

This inexpensive car accessory has the potential to save your life if you are ever trapped in your car. You just need to make sure the one you choose is durable and includes a seat belt cutter and window hammer strong enough to break through your car’s tempered window glass. Hopefully, this is a tool you never use but do not let yourself be caught without it should it be needed. 

Digital Tire Inflator

A car tire inflator can be used to add air in the case of an emergency, and it can also be used to blow up beach balls, bike tires, or air mattresses in a hurry. You should be mindful of not overfilling and that the battery requirements will not overload your car’s capability. 


Tile Mate

This handy accessory helps you find misplaced keys in a hurry so you can get where you need to be rather than wasting precious time on aimless searches. For example, the Tile Mate can be used on your keys or any other item you tend to lose. 

Gap Filler

Unless you have child-sized hands, you have likely dropped items between your seat and the center console of your car, never to be seen again. Fortunately, there are wonders called gap fillers that fill that space and make items dropped there more easily accessible. 


Here in “The Sunshine State,” a sunshade is the perfect accessory to make your car more comfortable to get back in after being parked for a while. Also, using shades can protect your vehicle’s dashboard and components exposed to the sun from warping, overheating, or cracking. It is a cheap investment that is well worth it in our hot climate. 

Wheel Desk

If you spend a lot of time in your car traveling for work, a wheel desk is a must. It slides under your steering wheel and can be used as a laptop stand or a food tray, depending on how it is turned. Portable and lightweight, wheel desks can be stored and transported with ease. 

City Auto In Gainesville, FL Takes Care of Your Car

These car accessories are easy ways to keep your car clean and organized, but taking care of the engine and mechanical parts is still the most important. At City Auto Repair, we keep your vehicle running its best so you can focus on what’s most important – what’s inside it. Whatever your car maintenance needs, rely on City Auto to keep you and your family riding safely, no matter where the ride leads you. Contact us today to schedule a service appointment.