How to Winterize Your Florida Car

You may mistakenly think that because we live in Gainesville, Florida, and mostly avoid the cold weather our northern neighbors suffer through, you can skip doing any winter maintenance on your vehicle. However, preventative maintenance will help your car face any cold weather the season brings safely and efficiently. Plus, you will be road-ready if your favorite relatives in Michigan call with an invitation to visit. Follow these simple and easy steps to winterize your Florida car and treat it well so that it will return the favor. 

Check and Replace

Most winter car maintenance involves checking existing components and making sure they operate well. If they do not, planning allows you to replace them as needed before winter arrives. 

Auto Mechanics - City Auto Repair inspecting

Windshield Wipers 

In addition to checking wiper fluid levels to ensure there is enough freeze-resistant liquid, another way to winterize your Florida car is by checking and replacing your wipers and blades as needed. If your wipers leave streaks on your window when you use them, they should be changed. Florida winters often bring cold rains, so seeing clearly from your windshield is essential for driver and passenger safety. 


Getting your car ready for winter weather starts from the inside. Have your belts, wires, cables, spark plugs, and hoses inspected by a professional mechanic to ensure they are not wearing out. If they give out on you during this season, it could cause your car to break down and you to be left out in the cold. Belts and hoses are made of rubber and consequently become less elastic during cold weather. Belts should not have cracks, or fraying, while hoses should not have bulges. 


Even though it is unnecessary to switch to winter tires here in Florida, it is still wise to check them. Tires should be adequately filled, and free of cracks or gouges, and the tread should be at a minimum of 2/32 inches. Going too long on bald tires not only leads to poor fuel economy, but it increases your risk of dangerous blowouts and accidents in rainy, cold weather. 

Alignment - Picture of a man changing a car tire on a lifted vehicle.

Heating and Cooling

Test your car’s heat and defrosting function before you actually need them to make sure it runs correctly. Have your antifreeze checked and verify that you have the proper coolant-to-water ratio to help protect your engine from freezing or corrosion. Typically, this ratio will be 50/50, but your mechanic knows the appropriate formula. 


You may not know it, but your battery capacity is reduced by cold weather because your car requires more battery power to start in the winter. Ensure your battery is ready by checking the battery cables for cracks or breaks and the terminals for any loose connections. Clean any buildup on battery cables with a brush. Read your fluid level charge, and check the battery fluid. If you know your battery is older than 3 to 5 years, replace it before the worst of our winter weather arrives.

Picture of a man working with a car battery

Fluid Levels

In addition to battery and windshield wiper fluid, the following should be checked and replenished as part of your winter maintenance plan. 

  • Oil
  • Brake 
  • Coolant
  • Power Steering
  • Transmission


Another critical component of winter maintenance is to ensure your exterior lights are functional, including your headlights, brake lights, backup lights, signals, and hazards.  This should not just be a winter task, but it is imperative as the sun sets earlier this season. For your safety and visibility, your car needs sufficiently bright, working lights.  

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