a canister of oil and a toolbox
The Main Parts of an Engine and Their Functions

Most car engines have around 200 parts that need to be maintained for your vehicle to function properly.

Car Fluids and Their Functions

From keeping your engine moving to ensuring your windshield is clear, cars have numerous fluids for keeping it on the go.

Car Batteries: Why Don’t They Last Long In Florida?

While the Sunshine state’s warm weather may seem nice at the beach, it’s not so kind to your car.

5 Ways to Care For Your Transmission

The transmission is an essential part of any vehicle.

Signs Your Car Needs an Alignment

When we talk about your car needing an alignment, we’re not talking about it needing braces.

Gainesville’s Trusted Auto Mechanics for 30 Years

For over 30 years, our mission at City Auto Repair has been to repair the brokenness in cars, the people that drive them, and the communities that rely on them.