3 Reasons Why a Local Mechanic Is Better than a Dealership

Whether your vehicle just needs an oil change or needs serious repair, there will always come a time when you must decide to use either a local mechanic or a dealership. Find out how you can make the best decision for your vehicle by reading on.

1. Diagnosis

When a vehicle is brought into a dealership, the employees’ first priority is getting it in and out efficiently. This may at first sound appealing but rather than dedicating the time to investigate the problem, they will go for the “quick fix” and it will still come at a hefty cost. 

An image of a local mechanic sitting in a vehicle using a diagnostic computer.

With a local mechanic like City Auto, every vehicle is thoroughly assessed and customers are provided with all of the possible solutions so they can confidently make a decision. It’s also crucial that a mechanic takes the time to inspect a vehicle to ensure that no other problems are missed, saving you money in the long term. 

2. Trust

A local shop views you as family, not just a client. Small businesses rely on their clientele and therefore prioritize client relationships and needs. They go the extra mile with each vehicle and are willing to give you honest solutions rather than ones that will make them the most money. 

Dealerships have a transactional view meaning that their priorities lie with profits and efficiency. Just like it’s vital to find the best doctor for your health, your vehicle also needs to be cared for by someone you trust. 

3. Personalization

Are you tired of being treated like a number? Or leaving the mechanic feeling unsure if you had all the choices available to you? Keeping track of each and every concern you have is a vital part of an auto shop’s job. Local mechanics have a better understanding of each customer’s specific needs and preferences because they spend more time communicating and building a relationship. 

Client at the front desk of a local mechanic shop working with an employee on paperwork

City Auto Is Your Go-To Local Mechanic

From getting to work to taking your kids to school, your vehicle is a huge part of your life. At City Auto Repair in Gainesville, FL we want to educate you on the best solutions for your vehicle. We put your concerns and needs first so that you can walk away knowing you made the right decision. Reach out to us today to work with an auto shop you can trust!