How Your Vehicle is Like the Human Body

Just like the human body, your car is a complex system of metal and moving parts. There are equally critical fluids that help to keep these parts moving as they should while also maintaining your vehicle’s general health. Your vehicle is like the human body because your car relies on retaining certain fluid levels to operate optimally. However, with cars, there may be more fluids to maintain than you might realize.

Picture of a woman in a convertible drinking a bottle of water. This is for the article, "How Your Vehicle Is Like the Human Body."

What Fluids Are Essential For Your Vehicle?

Some of the top car fluids to manage for optimal performance include the following.

Engine Oil

The engine oil of your vehicle is the most commonly known and vital component of the overall vehicle performance. Your engine oil lubricates the system allowing it to run cooly and efficiently. If you were to compare your car to the human body, your engine would be like the central nervous system. That makes the engine oil similar to the spinal fluid that protects your system and lets it run properly.

Oil change - Man standing next to an oil pan

Gasoline (or Diesel)

Gas-free, electric vehicles have certainly risen in popularity. However, gasoline- and diesel-powered cars are still the majority of what’s on our roads. Gasoline engines rely on it to pump through the engine. When your body is tired and needs fuel, you give it food and water. Your vehicle is like the human body because, like food, for a car that fuel is the gasoline that it can turn into motion. 

Antifreeze or Coolant

The antifreeze and coolant are the same fluid but serve your car differently depending on which temperature extreme is present. In the winter, it acts as an antifreeze, and in the summer, your coolant is used. Your body relies on similar systems to manage the temperature in these extremes. Your sweat and sweat glands regulate the temperature when there are shifts in the internal or external temperature.

Transmission Fluid

Another key under-the-hood fluid, your transmission fluid is your blood. Transmission fluid is often a light red or pink, like blood. If it is thick or a darker brown, this may be a sign of a greater problem. Transmission fluid helps keep the transmission system of the vehicle running smoothly

Take Care of Your Vehicle Like Your Body

For our bodies, fuel, exercise, and rest are all keys to a healthy lifestyle. Your car isn’t all that different with a complex system constantly working to ensure performance. However, sometimes you may forget to take care of one of these components of your vehicle. Like you would go to the doctor, you can take your vehicle to an auto repair shop to assess your car’s fluids and systems. Schedule your check-up with our experts at City Auto Repair in Gainesville, FL!