How Regular Tune-Ups Can Save You Money

Your car is an investment that you want to keep well maintained to extend its useful life. There are proactive steps that you can take through regular tune-ups and maintenance to help save money and protect your investment in the long run. 

By conducting these regular checkups on your vehicle, you help to spot smaller issues from wear and tear before they spiral beyond your control into a larger, more costly repair. The money you put into these regular tune-up items helps serve as an investment into the future value of your vehicle. Some of the best tune-up services you can have done to keep your car running at its best include:

Engine Tune-Ups

Often the attitude with engines is that if it runs, what’s the issue? However, what if it could run better? Modern engines are far more advanced than they once were, making it difficult to see or hear potential issues at hand. Auto repair shops have advanced diagnostics to better map out and pinpoint hidden problems within your engine.

With this kind of engine tune-up, you can expect to have a professional mechanic inspect the entire engine, replace all filters and sensors, change out worn parts, and more. All of these minor repairs are far more affordable than a complete engine overhaul. Fixing such problems also helps to return your vehicle to its best performance. 

Oil Changes

A common preventative step, oil changes are a great way to help your engine and car as a whole. Most cars call for an oil change every 5,000 miles (approximately) but some may need them even more often depending on their usage. Replacing your car’s oil with fresh oil helps with its efficiency and performance as the new oil better lubricates the engine and moves through smoother. Not changing your oil can decrease your fuel efficiency and deteriorate the entire engine. 

Filter Changes

Do you know how many air filters your vehicle has? It’s possible you’re missing some key filters such as air, cabin, oil, and even fuel. Not all of these are easily accessible either. Your local auto repair shop will be able to assess and change all of these filters. Each filter serves a different purpose, but they all serve equal importance. Regularly changing out filters prevent the build-up of contaminants like dirt and dust that harm your vehicle in the long run.

Tire Rotation

A great way to keep your car and tires happy is to rotate the tires on your car. By rotating, you allow for a more even wearing of the tread. When you change your oil, it’s also a great time to rotate your tires. Tire rotation ensures a smoother and safer ride with continued traction and handling for varying weather conditions.

If your tires lack tread and are deemed unsafe, it may be time to replace them entirely.

Stay Safe on the Road with Tune-Ups from City Auto Repair

All of these practices are small steps that help to save you and your vehicle in the long run. Our team of professionals at City Auto Repair come with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and abilities to help you keep your vehicle in the best shape possible. From engine tune-ups to tire services, our team has a passion for keeping you safe on the road.