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What to Look for in an Honest Mechanic

The auto repair industry can frequently feel intimidating, especially for young or inexperienced-in-maintenance car owners. The inner workings of your car have complex systems and parts that you might not know what’s what. With this complexity, it has, unfortunately, become an industry reputation for mechanics to try and milk customers for every penny. Learn how you can pick the right mechanic.

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Engine Repair: 5 Signs Something’s Wrong

Here in Gainesville and North Central Florida, we don’t have an extensive public transportation system like they do in larger urban areas.

Auto Repair: Characteristics of a Reputable Technician

Auto repair is a highly specialized service due to the increasing complexity of vehicles.

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Premium vs. Regular Gas: What Does My Car Actually Need?

We’ve all heard the saying, “You get what you pay for,” so we may think that means we need to buy the most expensive gas available, so our cars run at their best.

Car Diagnostics: What’s Involved

Just as you go to your doctor for regular checkups, your car should be checked regularly too.

Changing a Car Tire: What, Like It’s Hard?

Most of us have experienced driving down the road when we suddenly feel a tire going flat.