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What to Look for in an Honest Mechanic

The auto repair industry can frequently feel intimidating, especially for young or inexperienced-in-maintenance car owners. The inner workings of your car have complex systems and parts that you might not know what’s what. With this complexity, it has, unfortunately, become an industry reputation for mechanics to try and milk customers for every penny. Learn how you can pick the right mechanic.

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How to Winterize Your Florida Car

You may mistakenly think that because we live in Gainesville, Florida, and mostly avoid the cold weather our northern neighbors suffer through, you can skip doing any winter maintenance on your vehicle.

Don’t Try This At Home: Car Maintenance Edition

While there are some car maintenance tasks you can perform yourself to save time or money, there are even more that are best left to professionals.

How to Get Your Child’s Car Back-to-School Ready

As the fall season sets in with back-to-school supplies and dorm essentials for your college student, don’t forget about the car they drive on campus or to school and back home daily.

Easy Ways to Get Get Your Car Hurricane-Ready

Floridians are all too familiar with bracing themselves and their homes for tropical storms and hurricanes from June to November each year.

Assessing Your Tires and Why It Matters

Most modern cars come with bells and whistles that alert you to potential problems including your parking brake still being engaged, a door not being closed all the way, or even a timed sensor for when an oil change is needed.

How Regular Tune-Ups Can Save You Money

Your car is an investment that you want to keep well maintained to extend its useful life.